Recently fraudsters have been active impersonating EOM Green Trading Ltd and its employees
using the telephone and WhatsApp
numbers +44 7441449081 and +44 7487894434, email addresses
info@eomgreentrading.com and eomgreentrading@gmail.com 
and the website address
They might also use other false details as they develop their activities. Please be aware that you should NEVER treat any email, caller or any other means of contact from EOM Green Trading Ltd as genuine
UNLESS it comes from any of our official email accounts, telephone numbers or postal address. These are all found on this website, which is the only genuine and official website of EOM Green Trading Ltd, found on
Any letter sent from us by post, even if from our official address, should also include a reference to these genuine details. You should also contact us and double check via any of these official means if you are in any doubt about whether you a dealing with a genuine representative of EOM Green Trading Ltd.
For more details, please click HERE

EOM Green Trading Limited, or simply EOM, is a British trading company specialising in           biomass trade and  brokerage. We have been around since 2018, but many of us in the company have many years of expertise and experience in biofuel.