Dear Visitor,
It has come to our attention on 9th November 2022 that there are fraudsters impersonating EOM Green Trading Ltd and sending out fraudulent emails to potential customers pretending to be us and making offers. Such offers may be of a different nature but can include offers of pellets or other products, normally at below market prices, and often have specific payment requirements, such as prepayment requests.
The fraudsters may be misusing our logo and employee names, but the contact details they are giving are not genuine and they are operating without any authorisation whatsoever from our side.
We have also seen that the impersonators may be referring potential customers to the website of EOM Green Trading Ltd, but in reality the link they provide brings them to a fraudulent webpage that purports to be that of EOM Green Trading when it is not.

The only genuine and official website of EOM Green Trading Ltd is the one you are currently reading, on 

Please be aware that you should NEVER treat any email, caller or any other means of contact from EOM Green Trading Ltd as genuine UNLESS it comes from any of our official email accounts, telephone numbers or postal address. These are all found in the Contacts section on our website. Any letter sent from us by post, even if from our official address, should also include a reference to these genuine details. You should also contact us and double check via any of these official means if you are in any doubt about whether you a dealing with a genuine representative of EOM Green Trading Ltd.
Sadly, impersonating other businesses and people from their companies is a practice that has been rather common in 2022 as the market has been seeing very high prices. This is something scammers want to take advantage of and there are quite a few people who have been dealing in good faith with impostors operating under names of reputable companies.
EOM Green Trading Ltd does not accept or carry any liability for the independent acts of fraudsters unwarrantedly operating under our name or misappropriating our details, but we do want to warn anyone being approached by such people to be vigilant. We also welcome anyone letting us know if they are seeing anything suspicious involving our name or details.

We thank you all for your vigilance and understanding.
Yours faithfully,
Eric Vares
EOM Green Trading Ltd
Tel: +447500019086