BULK  by CHO® has full control of the olive oil production process, from the olive trees to your warehouse: farming, milling, testing, refining, packaging, international distribution, and logistics. Every olive harvested by CHO Group is crushed within hours to guarantee freshness and quality.

Every lot of olive oil produced in CHO's mills undergoes 2-5 series of tests for authenticity and quality, by CHO's own IOC accredited laboratory, accredited tasting panel, and third-party certifiers. CHO Group outstanding team of engineers and technicians are experts in the production of olive oil. In addition to a partnership with the International Olive Oil Council, CHO laboratory is also ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certified. Oils are run through a wide range of tests to fulfill the highest industry needs and meet international standards. A Certificate of Analysis is included with each shipment.
CHO GROUP has a sensory panel accredited by the IOC which consists of a team of eight certified tasters who conduct organoleptic evaluations to classify, appreciate and recognize the characteristics of each olive oil. The positive attributes examined are "fruity", "bitter" and "spicy" and are graded using a numerical notation approved by the International Olive Oil Council.

CHO Group is also socially  engaged. They strive to reduce carbon footprint by recycling and innovating in the processes, and the packaging. The company invests in the social well-being of the farmers and employees by engaging with the community, sponsoring civil associations, controlling work environment, and by offering continuous training and support education.

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